Rapid Re-Housing program at Metropolitan Calumet coordinates subsidized housing and wrap-around support to survivors of domestic violence

“It starts with us working as a team and moving together; we have such a great foundation in-house. We build [survivors] up and help them succeed in the next phase of their new lives.”
Terri Brown-Green
Housing Navigator

What happens once a survivor of domestic violence leaves a shelter?

The ultimate goal is independence, self-sufficiency; the first step is a new place to live.

This program, offered at Centers across Metropolitan, empowers families formed through adoption or guardianship. Counseling, crisis intervention and 24-hour on-call assistance help families with children who have experienced trauma address adjustment, grief/loss resolution, attachment, educational and emotional issues. 

A range of home-based and group-based support, as well as connections to additional resources, help ensure sustainable progress; our staff re-envisions the ASAP foundation to fit each family, regardless of what their story looks like.


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